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Coordination of Switchgear


This manufacturing facility had recently upgraded the main switchgear for their facility. After adding more loads to their system, the main breaker at the facility would trip, shutting down power to the whole facility. As a quick fix they were not running the facility at full capacity. They hired an electrical contractor to determine the issues they were having and the electrical contractor hired us to do a protective device coordination study of the facility.


After performing a coordination study, it was determined the setting of the main breaker was set too low. All breaker settings for new switchgear are set to the low by the equipment manufacturer when it is shipped for liability reasons hence it is extremely important to have a coordination study done when new switchgear is put it.  For this facility the main breaker was set so low that it would trip when they started running more loads. After performing the coordination study, a CE engineer went on site with the electrical contractor to change the settings of the main breaker, the new settings given prevented the breaker from tripping.


With the recommended settings the facility has not had any more false trips and are able to run at full capacity.

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